Monday, February 16, 2009

My day

A short run down on my day:

Taking on an "extra" mildly sick kiddo (the 4 year old I normally watch Thursdays)--not great, but not terrible

A quick trip to Target with three kids 4 and under in tow--surprisingly calm and fun

An hour with a baby that WOULD NOT go to sleep for anything--way, way not fun

A lunch that spanned an hour because I had 4 children that just kept eating more and more food--mom feeding 4 ravenous kids=mom not eating lunch. not good

3 kids down for nap, 1 running the house trying to sneak into rooms and wake everyone else up--funny, I thought I was going to get to eat lunch, not run a marathon

1 kid waking up just at the last one was about to go to sleep--great, no "free" time today (you know, to do dishes)

2 babysitting charges go home, plans to meet the hubby for dinner--yay! the day might be saved after all!

Locked me and both kids out of the house on the way to meet hubby---crap

$3 margarita at the restaurant--my feet feel funny, but hey, the day's looking up

Sitting through a professional interrogation from the 4 year old about why I get an "icee" and she doesn't---the questions never end, do they?

Back home to grab my things and go to book club--5 more minutes and I'm home free

Sedona pulls the cheesecake I was taking to book club off the table, it lands upside down (in the cake carrier, but still)---did I already say crap?

I firmly believe what goes down must come up, and by that logic, tomorrow's bound to be a rockin' good day!!!!


One Acre Homestead said...

Whew! That's one crazy day...I certainly think you deserved an "icee!" LOL!

Karen said...

here's to hoping.

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