Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It's been a busy few days around here! In the middle of the night Sunday, Sedona woke up crying and we found she had a 102 fever. Yay. Nothing in this world makes you feel more helpless than a sick baby. While many, many things outrank a 102 fever in the middle of the night, a baby miserably moaning is still completely pitiful. Thankfully it was short lived and as of yesterday afternoon, she's mostly fine now.

Monday night, Sierra and I left on a trip to Houston. The topic at school for January was dinosaurs and she wanted to see the dinosaurs, so we planned a trip down there. We arrived late Monday and spend Tuesday morning at the zoo, then got lunch and spent the afternoon at the museum. I think the highlight of my day was when my 4 year old pointed at one of the smaller dinosaurs skeletons (or maybe this one was a cast, I can't remember) and said, "Look Momma! That one ate plants". She was right, so as I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked her how she knew that (thinking maybe she was making it up) and she explained that it has short, flat teeth and that means it ate plants. Then we went back to look at the T-Rex and she explained it had sharp, pointy teeth, so it ate meat. Then we found one with both kinds of teeth and she related it to human's teeth and understood that it could eat both. I couldn't believe she remembered all that and pieced it together with what she was seeing. Of course, there are pictures. They aren't the best in the world because when you take a kid who's just dying to learn everything she possibly can to a museum, it's nearly impossible to get her to sit still long enough for the camera to capture a shot.

Seeing how much energy she can literally "crank out" in 15 seconds:

Sierra and Triceratops:

Sierra explaining how big the T-Rex is:
Sierra and Duck Billed Dinosaur:
Sierra and T-Rex:

While we were gone, I kept getting phone calls from Josh about seedling sprouting! By the time I got home, we had quite the collection of little plants:
17 Roma Tomatoes
11 Better Boy Tomatoes
65 Roma Rio Grand Tomatoes
1 Sunmaster Tomato
14 Spacemaster Cucumbers
(counting all sprouts, they will need to be thinned to one sprout per pot)

Most of the other seeds of these varieties have sprouted today. I would like to point out the FABULOUS number on the Roma Rio Grand Tomatoes. This is important because it's seed that my dear hubby saved last year. Saving tomato seed takes a little bit of skill because you have to ferment the seeds. Last year was his first year to try and it appears he did a WONDERFUL job!! So, yesterday, the grow light got turned on and we will now start with at least once daily, but probably twice daily waterings. Due to our set-up, we will also start rotating the plants under the light (so they all get their turn in the "sun" and don't consistently lean in one direction).

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One Acre Homestead said...

Go, Josh!! I'm impressed! I'd hoped to try saving some seed from my tomatoes this year, so I'll be reading up on the process through your link. Looks like you guys had a fantastic trip to Houston! Isn't it fun to have a mommy date with one kiddo...special time together.

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