Thursday, February 19, 2009

Insert Witty Title Here

So, the week has gotten better. The baby that wouldn't sleep, has slept. He has gone down for every other nap this week without nary a complaint in 6 minutes or less (yes, I timed it). So that's good.

I have been blissfully unproductive in the evenings. Also good.

I watched Bowling for Columbine for the first time. Eh. Not quite what I expected, but interesting. Of course, Michael Moore is incredibly biased (totally his right, it's his movie), so you gotta take that into account, but I still learned a few tidbits worth researching further. I must say I had never before seen Marilyn Manson longer than it took me to make a disgusted face and change the channel and I can't stand his music. However, I have to admit he was very well-spoken and had several things to say that are worth thinking about.

I came to the realization that just like there are real friends and "fair weather friends", there are also real acquaintances and "fair weather acquaintances". I had never seen a difference there before, but it's most definitely there. Of course, by the time you get down to fair weather acquaintance, you're awfully close to "I just pretend to be nice even though I don't like you" anyway.

I've pondered the ability to think in black and white and come to the conclusion that I can't do it. Nor do I understand it. The far left, the far're both equally nuts. The scary thing to me is how neither side sees their flaws nor their similarity to their opponent. I think it's sad when people are so "confident" in their political views/world view/beliefs/faith/morals that they cannot abide even listening to someone with a different understanding than theirs. Be open minded. Be skeptic. Listen. Take what you like and leave the rest. Personally, I LOVE people who can say, "hey, here's what I think, your mileage may vary". I don't have a lot of time for the others (because how do you communicate with someone who won't listen and have an honest conversation?)

I spent a morning at The Bounce with Sedona while Sierra was at school. True to Hill family tradition, she quickly decided that the biggest slide (something like 20 feet) was her favorite and asked (by pointing and then signing "please") to go down it repeatedly.

I ate cheesecake. And chocolate. And cupcakes.

My pepper and cantaloupe seedlings sprouted. My tomato seedlings got thinned out (no more than 2 per pot, will thin to 1 per later on). My peas continued to grow wonderfully. My peach tree put out even more blooms. My new blueberry plants put out new leaves.

Our high temp went from 81 yesterday to 68 today. The low is forecast to be 51 tomorrow night and 34 Saturday.

My throat has a tiny tickle and between 4 kids, I think we've traded 8 different minor illnesses over the last few weeks. I'm still counting my lucky stars that none of these has included a GI bug.

AND NOW. I really just want to sleep. Preferably cuddled up with my amazing, gorgeous, lovable husband. In a hotel room with comfy sheets. WITHOUT my children around. WITH room service for breakfast, lots of pizza, lots of Mexican food and decadent desserts. And pina coladas. For a week. (It's been 2 years since we got away for a night...we've saved up some vacation time, right?)

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