Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Mishmash

A quick wrap-up of the week:

Sierra had work night at her school. This is where the parents come to see how the kids do different activities and make sure we're getting our money's worth ;-) Also a great opportunity to get homeschooling ideas (her school only goes through Kindergarten and right now it's looking like we'll homeschool after that). Here she is doing a page in her workbook:

On Saturday, Josh took her to the Lowe's Build and Grow Workshop. These are nifty little projects for the kids. They do one about twice a month and it's free to go. They provide all the materials and directions. You help your child build the project and they get an apron, safety goggles and a patch to go along with it. It's pretty neat. Being Valentine's and all, the project was a jewelry box and I thought it'd be two pieces to stick together or something, but it really was all disassembled and required lots of hammering to put together (which Josh says Sierra actually handled mostly on her own with the kid-sized hammer):

Today we went outside to find one of the peach trees (which doesn't have any leaves yet) is blooming. huh? I'm new to fruit tree gardening (just planted these fall of 2007), but this isn't normal, right? I'm assuming these will just die off and not make fruit since there are no leaves to collect and process sunlight. Still pretty though. I haven't done much research on it, but if you happen to know if I'm supposed to pick these blooms off, let me know!

Throughout the week, we've seen lots of seedlings sprout up. Very exciting and making me anxious for spring planting and summer harvests!

Prescott Fond Blanc Melon and Spacemaster Cucumber:

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!

And lastly, we made it through week two of my new part-time job. I've started watching a friend's kiddos so she could return to the workforce. I have the 8 month old baby three days a week and both the baby and the 4 year old once a week. I was a bit nervous about this, but it's gone amazingly well. I haven't even found myself counting down the minutes to "pick up time". It helps that I've been around both these kiddos since before they were born...I know what "makes them tick" and what sort of reinforcements get good behavior out of them. They're also both good, laid back kids and they mesh well with my kids. I would post pictures of everyone playing, but while getting a good picture of 2 kids is difficult, getting a good picture of 4 is downright impossible.


TennZen said...

Do NOT pick those peach blossoms off! The blossoms turn into fruit! Some varieties will bloom and bud before the leaves open up. Don't pinch off those buds... you won't have any peaches!

The Hills said...

Good to know! Thanks for responding :-) It's just really weird to see a tree with all these flowers and no February!


Are they Ranger peaches? We have a ranger, and it always buds super early (although not quite yet this year), and last year we had peaches in May? Just hope that there's no hard freezes to come! Ours has done fine with some light freezes with blossoms. Isn't it exciting? LOL

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