Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sedona went for her 3 year well check today. She was 25th percentile height and weight, which is on par with what she's been for a while now. She walks correctly, doesn't have scoliosis and isn't bow-legged. So yay for all that! My main question this time around was about her speech development...she clearly understands what we say and she has a lot to say herself, but I wonder if her mechanics of actually forming the sounds is a little behind. I can usually understand her, but I still find myself translating for her even for Josh quite a bit and I wasn't sure if that was just "late-normal" (both girls were late talkers) or actually delayed. So the doc made us an appointment with the speech therapist to get her evaluated next week. She said she figured it was better to go ahead and check it out because it's better to start any necessary intervention early.

Also, there are no pediatricians in town (actually, our landlord was the only pediatrician and he JUST retired), so we were at a family practice office. Since my midwife needs me to get a CBC done, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask about that while I was there. Much to my surprise, they didn't give me any grief at all about it and didn't even make me schedule my own appointment, they just had the lab tech draw my blood right then and will fax the results to my midwife. I also asked about an ultrasound. A lot of home-birthing women skip them, but I like the reassurance that all the big things are pretty much in working order....I want to know there's a brain, 4 chambers to the heart, 2 kidneys and the bladder is open (showing the kidneys work). Also to my surprise, they had no problem scheduling that for me too. So I'm going in tomorrow afternoon and we'll all get a peek. I've been on the fence about whether to find out the gender or not (Sierra was a surprise, Sedona was not--but we kinda accidentally found out with her). Right now, I'm leaning towards finding out so that we have something concrete to tell the girls and can clear out all the girly stuff if it's a boy. If the tech can't get a really good look or is at all unsure, I don't want to know and it's highly unlikely we'd have another ultrasound, so it's a one-shot thing. So, that's scheduled for 3pm tomorrow. Anyone who'd like to place bets has about 19 hours to do so. For the record, I think it's a girl....which makes me think it's really a boy ;-)

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