Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reverse Pet-Peeves

If I'm going to post my pet peeves about other people, it's only fair that I also take the time to tell about those things I do that drive other people nuts, right? So here goes:
  • I regularly deny my children candy because it's almost dinner time, then turn around and sneak candy for myself (like, within minutes).
  • If a medical question comes up, I cannot shut up. Granted, I do make sure my information is either very factual and evidence-based or I specify that I'm not sure of the accuracy, but still, sometimes I should just shut up. I'm getting better...I catch myself typing out long responses to people and then deleting them and reminding myself, "really Kimberly, SHUT. UP."
  • If I'm mad at you, I won't tell you that I am or why I am unless you ask. Instead, I stew about it and stay up all night plotting the conversation we should've had in my head and my side of that conversation gets snarkier and nastier the longer I stew. I know, I'm SO mature.
  • I honestly just don't have interest in having a huge group of friends. All my life I've stuck close to a small circle of people and I like it that way. My shy, loner tendencies are likely to rub off on my kids and I don't really like that.
  • I'm not outspoken and honest enough about what I think (and if you think I am......whoo doggie! You should hear the things I talk to Josh about)
  • I wish I was 2 and could stomp my feet about the unfairness of how short our lives are and it would make a difference. There's not enough time to do all the cool things there are to do and it sucks to have to pick and choose. I'm too easily fixated on what I'm missing out on when I choose one thing over something else.
  • I'm not a "good" housewife....laundry, dishes, sweeping, even cleaning off the table only happen when they absolutely HAVE to happen. To make matters worse, my tolerance for mess is much higher than my poor husband's.
  • While the laundry sits, I AM up to level 66 67 on FarmTown. That's just sad.
Alright, that's quite enough of the Kimberly bashing for one day. I would say you all could anonymously add to the list, but I can figure out where in the country your posting from (which would identify most of you, or at least put you on a very short list) so that's probably not a good idea. You know...that whole stewing and planning out snarky conversations thing...


Brandy said...

Hahahaha! That made me laugh. :))

The Hills said...

You laugh because you know it's all true....sadly, sadly true ;-)

Heather and The Kyles said...

I am trying not to blog stalk like Gini told me I was. I totally do the stewing conversation thing, too!

Marti Kubena said...

My best conversations - not to mention the most satisfying ones - happen in my head. I'm incredibly witty there.
I don't mind the long medical stuff! You're the reason I figured out that Anabelle had pneumonia and needed to be in a hospital stat!

The Hills said...

Yes, how is it the fabulous, witty remarks somehow always get mangled on their way to my mouth??

Karen said...

I liked this post! It made me laugh and, yes, I too do some of those same things...As I sit here there are a pile of dishes waiting for me to do.

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