Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby Update

Well, it looks like I'm going to have to add a "man cave" category to the budget so Josh can build himself a retreat to get away from all the estrogen that will be in this house. Yup, another girl on the way!!! I have to admit, I'm a little relieved. I've always felt like this one was a girl--had a much stronger gut feeling than I did with my other pregnancies. While I had that nagging doubt in the back of my mind that I could be wrong, I would've been REALLY shocked if it'd been a boy. So, it turns out the at-home test we did a couple of months ago was correct (I've read in some places that girl results have a higher accuracy rate than boy results): At Home test taken at 11 weeks gestation, confirmed by ultrasound at 21w6d gestation

I know, ultrasound pictures look a little weird, but here's what we've got for now:She kept her hands up by her face (like a boxer would) so we didn't get a profile picture, but this is looking out (like if she was laying on her left side)
One of the prettiest pictures to me...this is a cross section showing there are 4 chambers to her heart, plus we listened to each valve in the heart and everything looked great
Another of the prettiest pictures: her head and brain look just like they should at this point. She's following in Sedona's footsteps with a big ol' noggin

I also had my CBC done and that came back just fine. I was borderline low on iron, so I'll be a little more careful about my diet and my midwife will recheck it towards the end of the pregnancy so we have an up to date number before I deliver.

Now that we know it's a girl, I have more people guessing names. We will not tell a name until she's born. We do have a first name picked out though and we're closing in on a middle name. Well, I say we have a name...Sierra was supposed to be Dakota until about 2 weeks before she was born, so we could change our minds. This little girl's name will fit in with her sister's sound-wise. Since we like somewhat unusual names, I like at least one of the names to be "normal" (even if it may not be on a top-20 list). Contrary to popular belief, Sierra and Sedona were just names we liked, nothing more to it than that (and no...I did NOT know they were the names of cars until AFTER I agreed to them!). Their middle names are tributes to rock climbers who are important to Yosemite climbing history (side note: Even though we don't currently climb, Josh and I met rock climbing, then after we had each separately moved to Utah, we crossed paths again in Little Cottonwood Canyon rock climbing, then I tagged along on a climb he was planning in Yosemite and the turns that very long day took bonded us together much quicker than regular ol' dating could have. Climbing is an important part of our history, we'd like to get back to it as the kids get older and we would be happy to help them get started on it if they choose to.) Sierra's middle name is Robbin (after Royal Robbins) and Sedona's is Lynn (after Lynn Hill). That's about all the naming hints you're getting. And I haven't decided for sure, but I'd probably lie and say you were wrong even if you guessed right (though no one has yet...)

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