Saturday, July 17, 2010

Darby Logger Days

We actually liked watching those lumberjack competitions that come on ESPN when we had cable, so when we heard a little homegrown version happens in the next town over every summer, we were determined to go! Darby Logger Days was this weekend and we spent the whole day out there. It was hot and sunny and I (but not the kids for some reason??) burned to a crisp. Oh so fun though!The women's single cross-cut saw competitionOne of the hot saws...chainsaw on some serious steroids
Lady doing some chainsaw carving
Sierra in the watermelon eating contest

We thought she was too young, but looks like we should have gone ahead and thrown Sedona in the 6&under category
Pole climbing competition
Sierra (blue hat) in the 6&under tug of war
Obstacle pole competition...they have to run to the end of the log holding a chainsaw, start the chainsaw and cut the end off, then run back down without falling off at all
Spring board competition...They cut a notch with an ax, put a board in it, stand on that board and cut another notch for a 2nd board, then stand on THAT board and chop the top of the log off. The guy in black is 68 years old and the guy in blue is 66Ax throwing. Try to hit the center of the target. Guy on the far right is throwing (he happens to be the son of the guy in the blue shirt above...his dad was also in the finals for this competition). I circled the ax in the second picture. For kids 12 and up, they do a tomahawk throwing competition

Standing block chop--chop the block in half
Cookie stack--cut "cookies" off the log, but keep them stacked up without touching them with anything other than the chain saw
Jack and Jill cross cut saw--co-ed teams
One of the kid's events--the sawdust pile. There were toys, candy and gold and silver dollars buried in the sawdust pile. 2-4 year olds got to go first, then 5-9 year olds joined in, then 10-12 year olds
Sedona meticulously looking for what she wanted---candy
Poor Sierra managed to dig and dig through that sawdust and come up empty handed. She had a really good attitude about it though and was just thankful Sedona shared her prizes, so Josh and I surprised her by buying her this skirt at a booth. It was only $9 and made her day
My sunburn. Ouch. It's much more red in person. My legs also burned, which is very strange for me. Maybe it's a pregnancy thing? We did buy and put on 50spf sunscreen around noon.


Carolyn said...

I'm thinking your skin is just more sensitive due to pregnancy. I can't find anything to back me up on this though.

And when I was pregnant - in summer - in Houston, TX - during a heat wave that topped out at 120 on Labor Day - I wasn't outside long enough to get a sunburn so I can't tell you from personal experience.

Great pics - looks like the kids had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for so many pretty pics of you guys and everything your doing. Looks like everyone is having a good time.Now about the sunburn. Ok back in the day when I was prego with Harold I got the worst burn of my life. I mean never again have I burnt that bad and I was Aug and we went to the lake for the day and I even blistered so maybe it does have some hormonal think to do with being sensitive.



The Mama said...

Fun! I always loved watching those on TV when they come on ESPN. It's just really cool to see how people do that. I can't even lift a 50lb box without wanting to cry.

Glad the girls had such a good time! I love Sierra's skirt!

Rebecca said...

I always seem to get more sensitive to the sun when pregnant. It looks like you guys had a good time!

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