Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Destination!

We've moved on to Edisto Island, which is still pretty touristy, but not nearly "hilton head-ish". I have no cell reception or steady internet access, but McConkey's Jungle Shack has free wi-fi in addition to excellent food. Unfortunately, I keep thinking I might be in an episode of Dawson's Creek---I think Joey served our food at dinner. Much to Sierra's delight, the beach here is covered with LOTS of BIG shells. I'm pretty sure she's aiming to bring half the beach home with her.

Let's start with the beginning of the day...Josh had a few more hours of conference left and the girls and I packed up and made a few trips down to the van. That is, of course, after I managed to get Sedona out of the suitcase and dressed:

Once we hit the road, Sedona slept and slept hard:

We passed the Marine Corps Air Station on the way:

Once we hit Edisto Island, we began to wonder just how many cars have run into these trees (can't beat the scenery though!):

The street our rental house is on:

The house (and it's stocked with LOTS and LOTS of books, yay!):

We'll wait until tomorrow morning (and low tide) to really play on the beach, but we did go walking down there. The house is about a 5 minute walk from the water:

I was surprised how steep the beach is, I'll definitely feel safer with the girls when the tide is a lower:

The Atlantic Ocean came to visit me:

And I'm overly excited by the presence of Piggly Wiggly stores out here. It all stems from the Jeff Foxworthy skit "The Clampetts go to Maui!" Ever since we packed up the van, we've been saying (with our best Texas Twang) "The Clampetts go to Hilton Head! Well, the Jeff Foxworthy skit is based on him taking his entire family to Hawaii and it ending up being "the Clampetts go to Maui" and they use igloo coolers and piggly wiggly bags for luggage. I simply must get a piggly wiggly bag and pack some clothes in it. They actually sell piggly wiggly shirts at the piggly wiggly---I'm tempted to buy some for the girls, but they're $13, which is a tad much (especially since it IS piggly wiggly).

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