Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Man in Black

Hello from Meridian, Mississippi! We've been on the road most of the day.

Crossing over the Red River as we were leaving Alexandria (or trying to anyway....that's a hard town to find your way out of):

And we finally made it to the Mississippi River. This was Sierra's first time to see it:

The "Welcome to Mississippi" sign:

Our chosen route took us through Jackson, so I've had Johnny Cash and June Carter in my head all day..."...I'm goin' to Jackson....." (okay, so it's hard to take pictures at 70mph, but that sign says Jackson)

And did ya know there's a town called "Chunky"? There's even a "Chunky River". Not sure I would want to go swimming in a chunky river. Or maybe you skinny dip in a chunky river? ha!

The sole reason we chose Meridian over Hattiesburg (given that we're only passing through), was because we found out this park is here:

It's huge, and incredibly intricate. It looks like different people built different parts (certain parts are labeled with names or businesses). It seems to all be built by hand out of wood....there's a ship, train, house, log cabin, stage and seating area, several slides and swings, balance beams, balance beam on short chains (baby's first slack line), and basically never ending mazes of hidey holes perfect for small people to crawl through. It's pretty amazing and the girls had a blast running off some energy after a day in the car.

We are in the Country Inn and Suites tonight. The money I made on the trainings is funding the trip and at this point, we are doing better than expected on the money front, so we decided we needed a night in a nicer hotel. With last minute rates, we got this one for under $100, but the beds are about 100 steps up from what we've been in, there's an indoor pool and hot breakfast. They also have a lending library---take a book and return it to any Country Inn and Suites. Looking forward to the good night's sleep and I think I'll pick up a book too.

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