Saturday, August 15, 2009

You get less for more!

We have continued on in our travels! I'm starting to lose track of the day, city and time zone. We spent last night in Macon, Georgia. Josh ate bacon this morning solely so he could say he ate bacon in Macon. Pictures from the last two days on the road:

Crossing the state line into Alabama:

Cuba, that-a-way:

The Georgia state line (surely it would have been cheaper to put all these notices on one sign??):

Plus the official "Welcome to Georgia" sign:

She who smelt it, dealt it. Sedona tooted, then covered her own nose and said, "Ewwwwww!!!" We got all set up to change a poopy diaper only to find it was all a false alarm:

This morning, we visited the Georgia Music Hall of Fame:

Of course, the girls most enjoyed the "music factory", their kid's section:

A little background, Sedona's gotten bossy lately..."stop" and "no" are two of the few words she says. Here she was giving Sierra the "mom look" to tell her to back off

Sorry for the glare off the reflector strips on the backpack, just had to prove that I am actually on this vacation!
This was a cool little room where the buttons they pushed were translated by a composing program and the computer screen was up on the wall, so they could see the actual notes of what they had composed and play it back.
You may notice the girl's hair flying back behind them...this slide was REALLY fast. So fast there was actually a sign saying it was fast. It was also shaped like a violin on the outside, kinda cool.

What kid doesn't like drums?
Another cool idea....there are sensors in line with each string, so when you reach through and break the light beam, it "plays" that string. Interesting way to give kids free reign to explore a harp without risking expensive damage ;-)

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this picture:

We finally made it to South Carolina in the midst of a horrendous storm. It cleared up just in time for me to get a horrible shot of the sign at the border:

We are now in Hilton Head, which was where the original trip started out. Josh has a conference here and we knew we'd all be coming, then my trainings got tacked onto the beginning of the trip. I took the girls down to the beach for a quick look at the ocean earlier, but we will really go play tomorrow, so I'm sure there will be lots more pics to post then! We are staying in a Crowne Plaza here and I just don't understand why you get less at expensive hotels. So the beds are nice, but they're doubles and we had fabulously comfortable queens at the two Country Inn and Suites we stayed at (for $87 and $70/night). We aren't paying for this room, but it's more than twice that.......and of course, no breakfast or anything like that. You could say the price difference is all location and that's true here, but it's the same with expensive hotels everywhere, you get less extras. Personally, I'll take an $80 room with an equivalent bed, fabulous shower, indoor pool, free lending library, free hot breakfast and free wireless internet. Sierra even commented how fancy the hotel was and then looked all puzzled and asked how come they don't give you breakfast at such a fancy place!


One Acre Homestead said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great vacation!! You really did your homework beforehand to find such neat stops along the way! One question...did you slide down the violin slide? It looks like way too much fun!!

The Hills said...

Nope, no homework.......we're deciding at the last minute based on what we can find in certain towns LOL We were even *very* close to actually flipping a coin at one point, until we discovered that kid's playground in Meridian. And no, I did not go down the slide ;-) I was so focused on getting Sedona safely down and back up that it didn't even occur to me!

Carolyn said...

The reason you don't get free breakfast is so they can charge even more for that and call it a perk of the "concierge level." They're trying to wring money out of rich people who would travel anyway and insist on staying in the "best" place, instead of trying to convince not so rich people that they really can afford to travel at all.

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