Monday, August 24, 2009

The Road Goes on Forever...

We spent 12 hours on the road today! When we finally made it to our exit, I was so excited, I took a picture:

We're now in Pensacola, Florida. We only stopped for lunch, dinner and gas, and I gotta say the girls did wonderfully. Sedona took a long nap and played with her baby doll, but I think I'm most impressed with Sierra. At Tallahassee, she asked if we could just stop and we explained that we could stop and have another long day of driving tomorrow or we could drive another 3 hours and have time to hit the beach in the morning. She thought about it and made the informed decision that she'd rather get the driving out of the way today. She stuck with it too, the last 20 minutes she asked how much further, but she didn't whine or complain at all.

But to back up a bit, I have more pictures from Edisto to share:

Sedona snuggling with Aunt Jen Jen:

And with our niece:
Learning to blow bubbles with Uncle Coo:

Grammy came to visit for a couple of nights, this is a pic of her and the girls the morning she left:

The same day we went to the serpentarium, we headed out to the state park beach. The highlight of that trip was the sand dollars. I had never seen a live sand dollar before, we came across (and watched) several:

We also learned first hand why you should never ever stay put if you are on the coast and a major hurricane looks like it may come to your area. Hurricane Bill was simply out in the Atlantic, no where near us and South Carolina didn't get the biggest waves. The waves did happen to correspond with the highest tides of the month and we found the waves washed over the beach and onto the first street nearest the beach. It wasn't a major thing and we were able to play on the beach at low tide (just the way was I getting out in the water with those big waves), but the show of power was amazing and I surely won't be anywhere near a coast anytime a hurricane's around.

The street leading down to the beach:
Surf washing up over the beach:

After watching the waves crash in, we had lunch, took naps, and spent the afternoon at Botany Bay old plantation that you can drive around and see what's left of the buildings, plus visit a more secluded beach. The coolest thing there was the conch shells---lots of them, whole, just washing up on the shore. Adults were not allowed to take shells, but kids could take one quart of shells, so they each got a small conch (and I left the camera in the car...)

While we were driving the loop around the plantation (all dirt, one way road), we let the girls out of their seats and Josh took the opportunity to give Sierra her first driving lesson. She was absolutely THRILLED with herself and has decided she needs to practice driving "on the big road" (umm, no. I think not.):

Sedona and I (and her babydoll):

Packing up to leave this morning, Sedona got kicked out of the suitcase again, but apparently did not read the warning about not putting babies in the bottom of the stroller:

On the road, we passed into Georgia again:
And crossed into Florida, which brings our total to 6 states visited on this trip:

Though, to be honest, after 370 miles, I'm kinda sick of Florida already (and yes, I feel EXACTLY the same driving I-10 across Texas).


Carolyn said...

Ok I know this is old, but I have to comment. At least in Texas, there is SOMETHING off the highway. (Unless you're specifically talking I-10 through the West Texas desert.) I was shocked how in Florida off I-10, there is absolutely nothing right off the highway, unless you're looking for a creepy truck stop, which we were not.

The Hills said...

LOL You're so right.....everything was at least a mile off the interstate. But yeah, it's only east/central Texas with things close by---that drive to El Paso is a killer!

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