Sunday, August 16, 2009

Da Beach!

This morning, we all went down to help Josh hang up his poster and snap a quick picture (why don't you all join me in saying a quick prayer, sending positive thoughts, crossing your fingers and anything else that might remotely help that this is his last poster as a graduate student):

Then I got the girls ready and took them down to the beach by myself. Getting them ready and down there and keeping anyone from drowning wasn't so hard. Making it back up to the room with a minimum of sand and getting all the leftover sand and salt off everyone was a MAJOR production.

When we first got down there, I took them to the edge of the waves. Sedona was braver today and walked up to the water, muster all the authority a 2 year old can muster, held out her hand to the ocean and yelled, "STOP!" When the waves kept coming, she stood there with her hands on her hips and gave the water "the mom look". Then she resorted to playing her favorite game, wherein she just says, "boo!!!!". I'm not sure what she hoped to accomplish by "boo-ing" the water, but I got a picture of it anyway:

Other pics from the beach:

After nap, Sedona gave us a little excitement. I realized I could get cell reception from the balcony (there isn't any in the room), so I walked out there while holding Sedona---she promptly threw her pacifier and gleefully watched it fall 4 stories to the ground. Then she started crying and yelling, "bink!!!!!!!!" We made our way downstairs and around the building and it was still there. No more balcony time, even with super close supervision. We also took a couple of pictures around the hotel:

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