Sunday, August 9, 2009

Moving on

Today was our last day in Natchitoches. I finished teaching a lactation educator training for an absolutely fabulous group of ladies---lots of fun. Josh packed up the van so we could move on to Alexandria this evening. While he was hotel-less in the afternoon and still waiting on me to finish up, he took the girls to an alligator park:

They took some silly pictures:

They saw a baby alligator:

Then it was feeding time for the big boys:

Apparently, they are a bit possessive about their food:

After (yes, after) the feeding demonstration, Sierra asked how she could get over this fence and get a closer look:

But thankfully settled for just playing with Sedona for a little while:

Then, poor napless Sedona crashed (this is after her pacifier fell out of her mouth and she was too tired to notice or to bother closing her mouth):

On the way out of town, we drove past the edge of a storm, so that if you looked one direction, it was all sunshine and in the other direction it was very ominous (complete with one small little funnel that spun at the bottom of the clouds for a short while):

And I even managed to catch a picture of a lightning bolt:

We have moved out of Holiday Inn and into Super 8, which is...well, Super 8. The pillows and towels pretty much suck, but it's cheap, the room doesn't have a funky smell, and the water in the shower is actually hot, rather than alternating boiling and ice cold. I wish I could move the bed and towels from Holiday Inn into the Super 8. Oh well, vacation is vacation, right?!


Brandy said...

Hey - at our hotel in SA, we had to wear shoes the whole time to keep our feet clean. Yea....nice. I'm with you though, it's cheap and only serves as a place to sleep and shower!

Casey, Alicia, and Ada said...

Kim- you need to submit that lightning/funnel cloud picture to Nat Geo or something! That is a great shot!

Love the pics- looks like y'all are having fun and wearing yourselves out!!! :)

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