Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Beach Fun

Still hanging out in Edisto. We've met up with Josh's Brother and his family here and his mom came down yesterday as well. We haven't seen all of them in quite a while, so it's nice to have a chance to visit! Unfortunately, our nephew severely twisted his ankle the day before we got here and he's in a cast, which is definitely NOT what you want on a beach vacation. The fire department provides beach wheelchairs free of charge, which is awesome, but still not totally ideal, obviously.

Josh and I took the girls and our niece down to the beach yesterday at low tide. It's a completely different beach. The sand really flattens out and there's a good place to play. Here's a set of low tide/high tide pictures:

Low Tide (check out the jetty):

High Tide (same jetty...only at true high tide, it's completely covered)

Then, while Josh watched the girls, I went out to play in the waves a little bit. I noticed some people on the shore jump up and start pointing and then they shouted out me, "SHARK! GET OUT!" yikes! I figured they were just joking with me, but why take a chance? I hustled on up the beach. They did seem sober and they were from around here and said they saw two fins and with sharks you see the tail fin sticking up also, but with dolphins, the tail fin is flat so you only see one fin. We (and they) just stayed out of the water for a while. About an hour later, we saw our "shark" again---a small group of dolphins playing in the waves very close to the shore. Two in particular were staying close together and could indeed be mistaken for one animal at a quick glance.

We saw lots of other animals, a crab hiding in a hole:

A small little fish:

And the wild children of the beach:

We are watching Bill closely, but everything seems to point to it turning and not coming anywhere near us. I can tell you the waves are already churned up though and we won't be in the water this weekend. I'm thinking with the waves they're forecasting, there won't be any beach to be on anyway and the riptides are supposed to be bad, so we'll be doing more "safe" visiting the serpentarium---ick!

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