Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The World War II Museum

This afternoon, we went to the National World War II Museum. Lots more stuff added since I was last there. There was definitely some stuff that we had to sort of hurry past because it was too graphic for Sierra, but overall, we had some good conversations about what World War II was and how it started and what our involvement was.

They said I could take pictures, but not use a flash, so I have a few pics of not so great quality:

A visual representation of the Japanese, American and German military forces in the late 30's. Those are little GIJoe type figures all lined up, obviously, we were starting with much smaller forces.
A replica of FDR's rough draft of his address to Congress after Pearl Harbor:

Didn't know these existed. It's a German "mobile landmine"

A "Rupert"--fake paratroopers that were dressed up and dropped at the same time as paratroopers to confuse enemy troops

An Enigma machine (couldn't get a non blurry pic without the flash)

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Casey, Alicia, and Ada said...

This is cool!! We have been to the D-Day beaches in Normandy- if y'all ever get a chance to go, you MUST! It's so surreal standing on Utah and Omaha beach, and picturing everything that happened there.

We also went to Dachau that same trip- there was a blatantly American man (beer belly, Steelers hat, Cowboys tshirt, Levis, and old Nikes- oh, and a mustache), that snuck into our guided tour... then proceeded to crunch across the gravel where the dorms used to be, whistle to his friend who was still at the Nazi front office, and yell "WE'RE GOIN TO THE CREMATORIUM, HURRY UP AND COME ON!!"

SO EMBARRASSING! We pretended to be Canadian the rest of the trip... :)

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