Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baby Genius!

Sedona was crawling around the living room today and happened to wander on over to Sierra's (straw top) sippy cup. The child picked it up, sat down, and started drinking out of it!! :-o Not sure about other kids, but I know with Sierra a decent amount of teaching was involved to get her to drink through a straw---it's just a weird process that you can't possibly explain to someone who hasn't done it. So, we were very pleasantly surprised that Sedona just did it on the very first try. She even knew to hold the cup down and not tilt it up (I guess from watching Sierra?) By the time I got the camera, daddy was helping her hold the cup, but cute picture nonetheless ;-)

She has also progressed from saying "dada" to saying "daddy". ALL day long, she crawls around saying, "da-deeeeeeee, da-deeeeeee, da-deeeeeeeee" She can also say, "hi momma!" but you can tell she thinks daddy is a much more fun word to say.

And another pop quiz for you....I bought the exact same lunch for both girls. When they were done, I had to take pictures of each of their leftovers:

Now, you would probably think the box on the right belonged to the 3 year old and she ate all of her lunch. But, you would be wrong. My not yet one year old ate every last bit, and the 3 year old left half her sandwich and applesauce. I'm telling you--Sedona eats crazy amounts of food. and then for dinner, we went to luby's and she had fish (about the size of 3 fish sticks), probably 1/3c mashed potatoes, 1/2c sweet potatoes, a roll, 1/4 c jello, a few bites of cornbread and a few bites of zucchini. In contrast, Sierra picked at mac and cheese and chicken strips.

Sierra stories---we were reading today and the normal course of events is for her to sound out every letter or consonant blend, then say the whole word. So, "cat" is "cuh, aaaaa, tuh, cat" (shout out to my teacher friend, Erin...she really does make her sounds more 'crisp' than that, I just don't know another way to type that ;-) Anyways, she's reading along like that and all of a sudden gets to "hungry" and just reads over it without sounding anything out like she's read it 10 million times before. I said, "woah, woah, woah. Did you already read this book with daddy?" "no" "well, how did you know the word 'hungry'?" "well, it just says, 'hungry'" (Josh confirmed later he had not read this book with her.) wow.

Yesterday, she asked for lemonade at lunch time. I gave her a glass of lemonade, which she promptly (accidently) spilled all over the table. She asked if she could have more and I told her I was sorry, but she wasn't careful with that and she was only getting water now (it's our rule---she's usually so crazy and hyper, it makes her slow down and be more careful). She looked down at the few drops left in her glass and sighed and said, "well, I still have this little bit" I praised her up and down and told her that was such a good way to handle it and she wasn't mad and frustrated and throwing a fit, she just looked at the good side. I told her since she handled it so well, she could have more lemonade after all. I thought I might get a "thank you" or something. no, instead it was, "okay, but maybe this time, we could put it in a sippy cup. And maybe next time I have lemonade, we can just put in a sippy cup so it can't spill" LOL This morning Josh was getting her apple juice for breakfast and started to get a glass out of the cabinet and she got all frantic, "no daddy! I need a sippy cup so it won't spill!!!"

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Josie said...

Marisa can drink out of a sippy too. I don't understand it. Elena also had to be taught and it took awhile. Maybe they learned watching big sis.

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