Monday, July 14, 2008


I've become addicted to taking the kids out to eat for lunch, so I decided today we would go to the splashpad to play in the morning, and then have a picnic lunch. One of my favorite things about our new house is having this within walking distance :-) A few random pics:

I LOVE my kids :-D Random stories: Sierra always wants to come to book club. It was at our house tonight, and she sat in a chair all by herself and pretended (quite well) to be one of "grown up girls". More than once today, she climbed into my lap and said, "I love you momma" (awwwwwwww.....). She has been (literally) climbing the walls--she'll hang from a window sill and climb up with her feet. After many repeats of "quit climbing!" She got exasperated and said, "ugh! Well, can you put up the climbing wall?" LOL She is going to be a "mermaid, a doctor and a princess" when she grows up. She is brilliant and beautiful and wonderful. I wouldn't trade one bit of the vivaciousness that gets her in so much trouble--it's going to make her into an amazing woman.

Sedona lights up and starts with the "duh-deeeeeeee" whenever Josh walks in the room. When she hears his truck pull up, she makes a bee-line for the front door with a steady refrain of "duh-deeee, duh-deeee, duh-deeeee". She crawls over to me, stands up, lays her head on my leg and says, "hi momma". My heart felt it might actually burst when I picked her up out of her crib to nurse her tonight. I've truly enjoyed her being a baby and just can't get enough of her (well, most days ;-)

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