Friday, July 18, 2008

Serious coveting

Ever since I saw the stories about it online, I've been interested in the Wii Fit. Problem is, we don't have a Wii. In fact, the video game system we are currently on is the Super Nintendo. Yeah, it's safe to say we aren't video game people. But the Wii Fit looked promising. And at a total cost of $340 (Wii console plus the Fit game), it's cheaper than one year at the gym. Then, I got to try the Fit out at a friend's house this morning. OH MY GOSH. I am seriously coveting the Fit now. I have to have it. I know the commercials look corny, but it is so much fun. And I can really get a pretty decent workout even while the kids are napping. And it's so much fun. Fun enough that I really think I'm just gonna take the money out of savings to get it, which is completely out of character for me. I'm gonna call it a gift to myself. We had planned to take a certain amount of money out of savings each month (since I quit my job) and we've managed to not dip into savings at all, so it's kinda like there's extra money sitting there, right? kinda? a little bit? I don't care. It was the coolest game ever and we never splurge on fun stuff.

While we're on the coveting topic...I'm also coveting another friend's new Honda Odyssey. I will not be buying one of those though. Sigh! I'd like a prius, but it'd be really really nice to have more space. They are supposed to be releasing a hybrid Honda Sienna in the states next year---the mileage isn't as good as a prius, but it's way better than what we get now!

And funny kid nephew is not fond of my "2 cups of non-water beverage per day" limit. He gets a cup of juice or lemonade (or sometimes sprite) and then wants more and when I tell him he may only have water, he decides he's not thirsty after all. The first day he bumped up against this rule, he thought he'd out-wait me and just not drink. When I took him out to lunch he triumphantly said he was thirsty and they don't have water at restaurants---au contraire!! I ordered him a water (much to his chagrin). Last week I took him to Sam's for pizza. First he didn't believe me..."are you sure they sell pizza here? It doesn't look like they sell pizza here. I don't see any pizza..." Then he scanned the fountain drinks and said, "hey! can I have sprite?" and I said no, he was getting water. He scrunched up his face in a look of resignation and said, "they have water everywhere, don't they?" LOL To his credit, he now comes to me and not only does he not ask for lemonade or bark out, "I'm thirsty!", he says, "May I have some water, please?" Way to go kiddo!!! :-)

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