Thursday, July 3, 2008

Me again

Well, I tried to upload the pics from schlitterbahn, and they scanned in fine and look great on my computer, but when I upload them, they look all weird and dark for some reason. I have way more things to do than troubleshoot that, so oh well, you'll have to come over if you want to see 'em.

Fun times in the garden. We got rain one night. I went outside in nothing but a t-shirt and a rain jacket at 4 am to strategically place containers under all the downspouts around the house. When I first heard the rain, I thought I should just stay in bed, but then I found myself laying awake calculating how much free water we were missing out on and I just couldn't do it, so out I went. If the neighbors were up to see me, they're just as nuts as I am, so whatever! A few days after that, someone drilled into a water main. Great timing, huh? I stood in my driveway and watched this (literally) river of free water running down the street and looked at my two kids already in the car and ready to go see a movie and decided to just let it go. I'm still regretting the fact that I didn't at least go fill up a 5 gallon bucket or something. And no, it wasn't sewer water or anything. The water pressure was really bad at the house too, so it had to have been incoming water. (besides, it didn't stink).
Random picture of one day's harvest from the garden:

Tomatoes, pablano and chile peppers are all doing great, but they're about the only things. We ordered and received a new pressure canner. YAY. This is the one we got: Presto 23 qt Pressure Canner It's been tested and will start it's work life tomorrow evening. You should go to that site and read the first 2 star review...someone claims their pressure canner just completely blew up on the first use--like, for real, blew up. Yes, I know pressure canners can be dangerous and you should get them checked and be careful, but seriously? Blew up? The over pressure plug, the steam vent, the pressure gauge, and the gasket (all of which are designed to "blow" and release pressure) ALL failed on the very first use? And, okay, say the thing literally exploded on the very first use, why in the world did it deserve 2 stars instead of 1???

Total change of subject. Sedona naps in the stroller (it's easy, it's portable, no matter where we go, we can get her to take a nap). This is what happens when she decides she's not tired. 2 minutes before I took this picture, she was all sitting up looking around like, "I'm not tired! I don't need a nap! See? I'm sitting up! not tired! not at all!"

Her hair is long enough for pigtails! Isn't this the cutest stinkin' thing ever???

And my other cutie made it into this pic. We make adorable kids ;-)

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Brandy said...

Awww.....! I LOVE the pigtails! SHe is so stinkin cute! And isn't it funny that when their hair goes up (pigtails or pony tail or whatever), they look sooo much older, but yet so cute!

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