Monday, July 7, 2008

Ode to my hubby

Reading random blogs and came across yet another tale of newlywed woe. It just made me think I should write a short, public letter to my hubby (who says, "I always check the blog so I can make sure I've got my story straight"). I can't even tell you how many times I've suddenly looked at Josh over the last 6 years (yes, we're coming up on the date of that fateful HalfDome adventure!!) and said, "how in the WORLD did WE end up together??!!??" To outside observers, that may seem a little rude. Seriously though, there were some crazy twists of fate along the way, including both moving 1500 miles away from where we met, not having each other's contact info and then just bumping into each other one day and learning we worked in the same building and lived less than a mile apart. I was even reading back through my journals a couple of weeks ago and found (to my surprise! not like I can remember everything I thought/wrote years ago) that I had a crush on him in college, long before we dated LOL I was completely shocked to see his name pop up, but there it was. So, I guess it really was meant to be. Apparently, we get along amazingly well and better than most. We don't fight, we share, we cuddle, we still hold hands (so, there! to random guy that made fun of us for holding hands a month after we were married and said that wouldn't last!). When I'm being crazy, he just accepts it and loves me anyway (which turned out to be the key to keeping me sane). We can still make each other laugh hysterically over really stupid stuff. He's still irresistible when he's "all cute and scruffy" (as I wrote in that journal LONG before we dated). He's definitely fulfilled his end of our marriage vows and "kept me on belay". I hope I've done the same ;-) Lots of lovins always!!

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