Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who Are You...Who, who, who, who?

Anyone else channeling the "who are you?" song? You may have noticed (or probably didn't) that I've added a visitor's map to the blog. Actually, I added two since the first one I added didn't seem to work right. Anyways, it has come to my attention that I have an international following--wow!! Seriously, it's probably just old friends from high school, a surprising number are living abroad. I'm still curious though! If you feel like letting me know who you are, that'd be great. Otherwise, it'll just have to remain a mystery!! I only get location (and even then, the two different maps will sometimes give me close, but different cities), so I'm able to figure some of you out just because I had a good idea you were reading anyway and know approximately what city to look for, but for the most part it's a big mystery! Especially if you're an old friend I haven't talked to in a while (and super especially, if you're an old friend of Josh's that can share embarrassing stories ;-) let me know you're there! write me at penguinkimberly a t yahoo or leave a comment!

And I usually don't talk politics in large groups, but read an absolutely ludicrous piece of news today. I think my yelling scared Josh and it took me a while to calm down enough to be able to form completely sentences and not loud, angry jibberish, but I came across this story about our lovely, 25% approval rating, Dubya. I'll just quote:
President Bush has asserted executive privilege to prevent Attorney General Michael Mukasey from having to comply with a House panel subpoena for material on the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity.
Come again? Doesn't that seem just a tad counter productive to his supposed insistence at taking care of whoever (if anyone) in his administration was involved in the leak? Coulda sworn I remembered him making all sorts of statements about taking care of whoever was responsible. Oh, that's right, he did. Of course, this latest development fits in perfectly with the rest of the debacle, including commuting Libby's prison term (which, I'm actually not 100% against, since I think he was largely a scapegoat anyway). I cannot stand this loon. And while I'm on my soapbox, that idiotic laugh/giggle he does when he tries to imply that anyone that's not him is a moron makes me want to gouge at my ears with an ice pick.

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One Acre Homestead said...

I'm no mystery, am I? Stephanie up here in Oklahoma is still reading to keep up with what's going on in your precious little family! Haven't been commenting as much as I'd like lately, but then I also let my blog "rest" a bit lately as I've had to focus energy on other watering to keep my prairie garden alive and enjoying being home with Isabella & Madeline. I've managed to get them hooked on "Little House on the Prairie" for our family movie nights! A little history lesson thrown in our entertainment!

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