Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby's First Thanksgiving

I'm behind on posting and there's quite a lot to report, so we'll back up and start at the beginning.

Things worked out so that we were set to start our trip back last Friday. That means we got to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. They were kind enough to cook dinner and have the crazy Hill girls invade their house for the day. They even kept the big girls so Josh and I could go see Harry Potter after dinner.

Secora's first order of business was sneaking a turkey leg off the table:
We shouldn't have been surprised, Sierra tried the same thing at her first Thanksgiving (she was a month older at Thanksgiving than Secora was):

After dinner, my parents asked the girls if they wanted to pull the wishbone. I'm a slacker kids had no idea what a wishbone was or why they would want to pull it apart. Further more, the wishbone was already broken, so we had to rig the contest and give Sedona the broken side (because let's face it, she's still too young to really "get it" anyway). They seemed excited and ready to go:
But it turns out Sedona didn't understand the concept, so she just kept letting go when Sierra pulled: And Sierra thought she had to say her wish out loud, so she shouted "I wish for my own house! I wish for my own house!" (and yes, she meant HER own house, without parents around...)

All in all, it was a fun day!

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Rachel said...

I almost spit my coffee out after reading about her wish. Hilarious! I love the turkey leg pictures, too.

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