Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Down, Twenty to Go

I accomplished a few things on my to-do list this weekend and probably added ten more. Josh got the mudroom cleaned up. I want to do a little more organizing (maybe tomorrow while it's relatively warm) and then I'll do before and after pictures along with an explanation to help out any other poor sap who moves 2,000 miles North and needs to suddenly know the best way to set up a small mudroom for use by a family of 5.

I also hemmed all those curtains so they're now above the heater. As my brother-in-law pointed out when we moved in (he drove up with us), the heater will be much more efficient now.

I cleaned up the kitchen, but you can't tell, because we're a family of 5 with no dishwasher.

Josh and I went through the freezer and threw away some things that had been there since the end of May. We had made two different things that were horribly freezer burned, so we decided to quit trying and toss it. Painful to do. Fortunately, the things in the deep freeze are still fine. I need to restock on freezer meals, but I'll probably wait until after Christmas.

Sierra and I made gingerbread cupcakes and then Sedona and I made the frosting for them (very yummy).

We listened to lots of Christmas music.

I gave lots of milk to Secora. She gave a fair amount of it back.

Sierra learned to play tetris.

We cut out paper snowflakes (the tree is beginning to be overrun with crafts) and when Sierra needed string to hang up a tree she drew, she cut thin strips of paper, twisted them, and tied them together to make "string" (I thought that was a pretty ingenious idea to come up with on her own).

And we had cereal for dinner.

In short......I just didn't get around to writing a "real" blog post last night so something fresh and exciting would be showing up here early this morning. Sorry 'bout that--I do have things I'll be putting up throughout the week.

Here's a picture to tide you over. (Is my 6 year old inherently maternal, or did I make her that way by taking her to work with me for 2 years and constantly having her around pregnant women and newborn babies?)

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