Sunday, December 12, 2010

One Month!!

An old high school friend does these fabulous update posts and takes pictures of her kids with a sign saying their age. It seemed like a great idea to me because sometimes the pictures get mixed up and you forget when they were taken, but if the date is in the picture, no problem! So, I'm stealing her idea and going to start updates on Secora.

I can't believe Secora is already one month old! I would list all the fabulous things she's learned how to do, but she's still in that bump on a log stage, so it's a rather short list! I put her on my baby scale and she's already a hefty 9#6oz, so I guess her biggest achievement is eating. She still rarely cries. She wakes every 2 hours like clockwork at night, but she sleeps with us and nurses well laying down, so we only have to actually get up when she needs a diaper. Her tear ducts were blocked and the left one has opened up, but not the right (Sedona had that too, it's not a big deal and almost always opens on its own). She doesn't like baths, but does like her hair washed. She still has those newborn gray-blue eyes. She still sleeps a lot of the day, but is starting to have some "quiet alert" times.

The postpartum hypertension I developed after she was born (that was a surprise) has cleared up and I'm already back down to pre-pregnancy weight despite having put on an average of 2.5 pounds a week for the last 3 months (a side effect of hyperemesis gravidarum...I had a sizable deficit to make up). I'm making up for all the nesting I couldn't do when I was pregnant and she's happy to snuggle down in the moby wrap and come along for the ride.

Our only problem is finding a way to share her between all of us. Everyone wants to cuddle the baby!
Add photo shoots to her list of dislikes

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