Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

On Monday night, we had clear skies and a good view of the lunar eclipse. It was also 11 degrees though, so I wasn't interested in staying outside to watch. I picked a spot on the sidewalk and every 15 minutes, I ran out, stood in the same place and took a picture. Apparently my photography skills (and/or equipment) leave a lot to be desired because you can't really see the red that showed up in the shadows, but at least you get an idea.

Here are the last two pictures edited to show what you could really see in the shadow:

It just so happened that Sierra was finishing up a unit on the Earth and moon this week. She had learned that we have day and night because the Earth rotates and that the moon travels around the Earth and we see the different phases of the moon because of the shadows. Since it was so cold and required staying up a relatively long time to see the different parts of the eclipse, I decided (at the last minute) not to wake her up for it. Instead, we looked at the pictures and got out the globe the next day and pretended she was the sun and I moved the globe and pretended my fist was the moon to review the information and demonstrate why the lunar eclipse happened. Then, yes, she did a few of those evil worksheets to be sure the information "stuck".

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