Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big Socks to Fill

In the past, we have always used stockings that have a bit of family tradition behind them. You can see them in the background of this picture (yes, my dad got a popcorn machine that year...the girls love it. The plain stocking on the end is the dog's) My grandmother made us all these stockings when I was a kid. Right after we got engaged, my mom made Josh his own stocking that matched for our first Christmas together. And after Sierra and Sedona were born, I made them stockings. With Secora being born so late in the year and us not settling on her name until after she was born, I just haven't gotten around to making her's yet. At first, I thought we'd just buy her one for this year. Then I saw the Pottery Barn stockings and I loved the look of them. We decided we would just buy a set for the whole family and I will make Secora's traditional stocking next year. We may alternate between which stockings we use, or we may start celebrating St. Nicholas Day and use one set of stockings then, and put the other set up for Christmas Day. Haven't decided yet. But, for this year, we are using these stockings and I will still make Secora one that matches our other ones.

I was anxiously awaiting these stockings and they finally arrived today: I'm very happy with them. They seem quite sturdy and they were only $15 each! The embroidery and shipping were free. Okay, so it's not super cheap, but for what they are, I thought that was a good price. Here is a more close up shot of the names (you can pick the color and font that you want)

When the box was delivered, Sedona asked what was in it. I told her it was stockings. I guess she's forgotten about stockings from last year because she started jumping up and down and said, "my feet are cold! I want stockings!" I laughed and explained to her what they really were, but when I pulled the first one out of the box she looked awe-struck and said, "wow! My foot go way way WAY down in that socking!" I have a (probably reasonable) fear that I will find her on the stairs tomorrow trying to stick her foot in the stockings.

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