Friday, December 10, 2010

Tree Trimmin'

Last weekend was tree decoratin' time in the Hill household! Secora can't help, so she cheered from the sidelines. This was her inaugural ride in the same swing we used with Sierra Here's Sierra in it, for comparison's sake Secora promptly fell asleep and the rest of the family set about decorating the tree In no time at all, it was all done. You may notice areas where 3 or 4 ornaments are clustered together on one branch. That's because we gave the girls free reign and Sedona seemed to think they would get lonely if they were each on their own branch And you'll also notice the patch of blue lights at the top of the tree. That's what happens when momma's nursing and daddy takes over light duties (I'm pretty sure this is the first year he's done it since we had kids). Whatever. The kids like it and it's unique. Since these pictures were taken, we've also added count down chains. The girls each made their own out of construction paper (how is it a 3 year can go through an entire glue stick on one tiny project??) and draped them on the tree like tinsel.

Oh, and my brother-in-law's already fussed at me about hemming those curtains (in a loving way ;-) I'm working on it. I aim to have them all above the heaters before the weekend's over!

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