Friday, September 14, 2007

1000 words

At work, we have a program called WIC Wellness Works that basically gives us tips and motivation for healthier living (you know, that whole "practice what you preach thing"). We are supposed to be having a screen free weekend and I am already failing miserably. We no longer have TV and I don't play computer games, how are you gonna take away my internet too?!? I decided I'm gonna try to not log on tomorrow...

Random pictures from the last few days...

Josh was out of town until Tuesday night this week. On Tuesday morning I was tired of doing all the parenting by myself and convinced (I really had to twist her arm) Sierra that we needed to go out to eat breakfast for our last "all girls" morning together. McDonald's was close by and Sierra ate an entire order of hot cakes by herself and wanted some of mine. The world war II vets that were sharing their coffee and war stories thought she was the cutest thing ever.

Just can't say it enough--we make the cutest babies!! My two gorgeous girls :-)

Pictures from the school field trip to the animal collection:

Emperor Penguin


How horribly sad is this?!?

Sierra setting the bad example for the rest of the class. I suppose "good" parents would've made her get down, but we figured it was helping her develop coordination (or climbing skills....)

The Gecko that lives in our shower. I think perhaps he should be called Milton. His tail's growing back now :-)

EXTREME CLOSE-UP!!!!! Sierra's planning a future in photography

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a....
I dare ya to name that animal. This was one of those days where Sierra was SOO proud to show me what she made at school and all I could do was say, "that's good! tell me about it!" To which she replied, "there's the wiskers". Hmmm....turns out it's a walrus. The pipe cleaners are supposed to be the big tusks and those smaller things are wiskers. And here I was thinking martian catepillar.

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