Friday, September 21, 2007

Geckos, Spiders and Meatballs

I believe Milton has moved on to greener pastures. I assume they're greener, anyway. Surely anyplace is greener (metaphorically, at least) than a shower. We're gonna miss him, oddly enough.

Josh's mom was here for a visit last weekend and bought us a pressure washer....wheeeeeeeee!!! I got a chance to hook it up today and am happy to say it works great, but spider webs are tenacious little buggers. Oh, and never get in the way of a pressure washer--they're not great at distinguishing between dirt and skin.

A few pictures from last weekend:

Grammy and Sierra making meatballs together

Sedona wearing the diamond ring Josh's mom was given at her christening:

One of the new garden beds (the soil will be between the two rings, the center will be for melons/squashes to trail into and will hold a sprinkler so the whole garden can be watered easily. There are now two of these built):

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