Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lead, Breasts and BPA, oh my!

I'm really annoyed at all the stinkin' toy recalls. Now there's been a recall on a replacement toy they gave out for a recall! I've about decided the girls don't need anymore toys unless they're good ol' plain, old fashioned wood. I have to admit though that the breastfeeding counselor in me is also annoyed at all the attention that is going to lead paint on toys and possible lead poisoning. There are studies that show (especially in preemies) that formula feeding lowers a child's IQ even more than lead poisoning does--why doesn't that get any media attention? And of course, we're coming up on breast cancer awareness month, but no one will mention the HUGE decrease in breast cancer risk if a woman breastfeeds for 2 years over her lifetime (plus she lowers her child's risk as well). I'm all about freedom of choice, but it needs to be INFORMED choice. This whole notion of informed consent with all things birth related is a big joke, at least it was in my case. I can't name a single medical professional who offered up the information of the side effects of various birth interventions when I had Sierra and there is no informed consent whatsoever before formula is given (nevermind the fact that it *IS* an intervention). I have plenty of friends who choose epidurals, c-sections, formula feeding, etc...and I back them up 100% in that choice, but I think the medical community needs to do a WAY better job at informed consent.

And in other things poisoning our families. I recently became aware of the Bisphenol-A controversy. Basically, hard, clear plastic containers leach BPA. This happens more readily if the container is scratched and/or heated. Humans are accumulating BPA in their systems. BPA causes hormonal disturbances. The question is how much is "okay" and when is it more dangerous? I've decided we need to trade in our Nalgenes (6 years old, very scratched, repeatedly put on the bottom rack of the dishwasher) for safer, non-polycarbonate models. The Avent bottles are going to have to go too (not that Sedona's even had a bottle yet) since they had numerous trips through the microwave sterilizer when Sierra was little. **SIGH!!** There are way too many environmental toxins these days.

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Rachel said...

Great post, Kimberly.

We switched to Kleen Kanteens recently for the same reasons. I really like mine, but it's taking Josiah awhile to get used to his as he still prefers a straw.

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