Sunday, September 9, 2007

Round 2

Round 2 of temporary single parenthood is going quite well. Yes, we've had plenty of "don't mess with your sister"; "Stop trying to cut a hole in your pants"; "No you can't have cinnamon rolls for dinner"; "Where did you find a smartie?!? oh who cares" and of course, the infamous artichoke heart jar incident of 2007. Note to marinated artichoke heart addicts--if the lid of the jar has a diameter bigger than the length of your hand, you won't be able to get it open. Furthermore, hitting the lid with a knife, holding the jar with your legs to enable the use of two hands, and banging the jar on the counter won't work. Neither will calling your mom to whine that you've been alone with two kids under 3 for two whole days and all you want are some artichoke hearts on your pizza, damnit. Ahhh....but the internet has endless (good and bad) knowledge. For instance, if you push a butter knife up under the rim of a lid, it will break the seal and the jar will open with zero effort. But back to the point at hand...I am much more sane than I was at this point last weekend. And bonus for you....Sierra and I had a small battle because I was trying to take pictures of Sedona and Sierra insisted in being in every single shot. I finally got out her baby pictures to prove to her that yes, I took pictures of her too (and much more often). While pulling out her photo album, I found an album full of random pictures Josh and I each had before we got married. Who wants to see Josh as the ultra-cool, ferris bueller-esk 80's dude? LOL Gonna try to get some OLD OLD pics up later on ;-)

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