Saturday, September 22, 2007


My poor legs! We did our first post-pregnancy 5k this morning. It was a fundraiser for a local woman who developed a flesh eating bacteria infection following a c-section. We walked a lot of it, with a little running here and there. You definitely push yourself harder when there are other people around quads and achilles tendons are SORE!!

A few pics:

It's time for Sierra to give up her toddler bed so we can have a mattress in the crib again (Sedona actually prefers laying down to nap rather than being held or in the swing). So, she upgraded to a twin sized mattress today!

Had to do a closer shot to show what she fell asleep doing...yes, those are phonics flash cards. The kid is begging me to teach her to read ALL the time.

Progress on the shed! Josh is building this all by himself--he got most of the framing done while I was out of town this week.

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