Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Pictures!

Went to the soccer fields tonight. Sierra took this picture of her friend, Holly. Momma's resting after chasing the girls around!

I really thought jealousy would've set in by now, and I'm really glad it hasn't. Pretty sure the girls are on the road to being best buds---Sierra is still fascinated with Sedona and wants to rock her, help take care of her, get things for her, etc...:

Kinda caught a smile from Sedona:

Mid-sneeze :-)

Who's who? The kids are twins I tell you! I've had two people tell me they look totally different, everyone else thinks they're pretty much carbon copies of each other. Sierra's a little older here than Sedona (Sedona's 9 weeks, Sierra's about 4 months in that pic)

Was looking a pictures of the girls at the same ages and it really hits home that Sierra was a preemie---once she caught up developmentally, she ended up ahead of schedule on gross motor skills, but she definitely had a slower start...Sedona is doing things at 9 weeks that Sierra didn't do until around 12 weeks. Then there's the size difference. Sierra chunked up pretty good, but she started out smaller and she slowed down A LOT after 6 months. Sedona's already up to 12.5 pounds--with Sierra only being 30, I'm thinking Sedona might end up being the "big" little sister LOL


Brandy said...

Awwww.....Sierra is such a cutie! And I think they look totally alike! Are they sisters or something?! ;)

Josie said...

They do look like carbon copies. The resemblance is incredible!!

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