Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I (foolishly) thought we had perhaps avoided the dreaded "why" stage. While Sierra's friends were starting to ask why about everything, Sierra moved right into "because". She didn't ask us, she told us. Well, 5pm Sunday, the why stage started. No joke, we were in the car and got three or four "whys" in a row and it hasn't stopped since. Actually, she's combined the two--everything is "because why?" Luckily, if you make an effort to really answer her, she stops after two or three.

We have many talks about when the sun is asleep (the child wakes up ridiculously early, we're trying to teach her not to wake us up until the sun wakes up). In the car tonight, we had the following conversation:
Sierra: "bedtime now?"
Me: "yes, when we get home, it's bedtime"
S: "because why?"
M: "because the sun's asleep"
S: "because why?"
M: "because the Earth is round and it rotates"
S: "okay"
Why in the world was that an okay explanation???? I'm pretty sure she has no idea with "Earth" is and I know she has no clue about orbits and rotation, etc.... whatever!

The other child continues to be a big ol' chunk. She's about 12.5 pounds now and all sorts of roly poly---gotta love those extra baby creases!!!! She is smiling lots, but I can't catch a picture of it b/c everytime I get her to smile, Sierra gets in her face to smile back and say, "she smiling at me!", so all the pictures are of the back of Sierra's head.

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