Saturday, September 8, 2007

Babies Don't Keep

There's a little poem that circulates between mothers that goes (more or less):
Dusting and cleaning can wait til tomorrow
For babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow.
So cobwebs be quiet and dust go to sleep,
I'm rocking my babies and babies don't keep.

I'm a full-time working mom. Yes, I get to take my baby with me and yes, it's a blessing. Since I took Sierra to work with me for 2 years, I've had more than enough "you're so lucky" comments. Yes, I am lucky and I don't envy the moms who have to take their babies to daycare because I wouldn't be strong enough to do it. But I really wish people would realize this is actually closer to THREE full time jobs--I work at my "for pay" job. I simultaneously carry, nurse and change my baby. I get off at 2:30 (which means I get up ridiculously early after nighttime parenting duties) and go straight to school to pick up Sierra, then come home to care for BOTH kiddos, get dinner ready, do the dishes and run a load or two of laundry. So I'm the stay at home mom and the work outside the home mom all rolled into one and manage to do both at the same time. My multi-tasking gene is a work of art, I tell you. And that's where this post comes in:
Things you can do while cuddling (or nursing) your baby:
Expand your mind--read a book (non-fiction is my favorite)
Dance--we finally got rid of TV again (hallelujah!) so the radio is always on. Dancing relaxes mom and teaches baby rhythm and movement
Sing--Mary Poppin's "stay awake" is the staple these days...again calms mom and baby and teaches baby
Jump Online--I learned quickly that a new mommy needs mommy friends like she needs air. At least, I do. A crying baby may preclude me from calling up Veronica, but I can always do a quick "I'm losing it!" one-handed typing post and keep clicking refresh to read all the "hang in there!" "btdt, it gets better!" posts
Eat a power bar--I've tried several times to eat a real meal while nursing. More often than not, the poor child ends up covered in marinara sauce or itallian dressing. Power bars give me some calories and protein without having to sit down or change the baby's clothes.
Things you cannot do while cuddling (or nursing) your baby:
Wash Dishes
Take out the trash
Scrub the bathroom
Pick up the toddler's room

Hmm....seems to me the universe has this set up a certain way--cleaning just isn't super important ;-) Seriously though, baby wearing is a life saver and all the necessary things (except for cooking, mowing the lawn or other potentially dangerous things) are quite possible if baby is securely attached to mom. It usually means getting things done without leaving baby to cry or feeling frazzled myself. I LOVE my "moby wrap". I made my own--just buy 5-6 yards of knit t-shirt type fabric and cut it in half length-wise and you get two wraps. I found the fabric for $1/yd and split it with a friend, so my imitation wrap only cost me three bucks. I've been using it with Sedona since she was about 3 weeks old and it's the first truly hands free (for a newborn) baby wearing I've found. Sierra will still go in the maya wrap, but it didn't feel secure when she was super little. Both are also great for discreet nursing.

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