Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sick Baby Update

My friend's baby is expected to be in the PICU for 3-4 more days and it's been kinda touch and go (she has a central line, they've planned on intubating, then backed off b/c she did better, keeping her sedated, etc...), but she is doing better. She is still really sick, but able to cough now and get some of that junk out. Poor baby :-( :-(

In happier news, another friend had a big box of fabric that she decided she wasn't going to use, so she gave it to me to go through and take out what I want then pass onto to other sewing mommas. There was some really great stuff in there! I got lots of things I liked (cool prints, quilt blocks, fleece) and there's still lots and lots for other people. Free fabric makes me happy :-)

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