Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Time to Hesitate is Through

My midwife has cleared me to start exercising again (finally...I've been asking since week 2, she's been essentially telling me she's the midwife and mother of ten and she knows it takes more than 2 weeks to recuperate from childbirth). More importantly, I picked up the Chariot we had ordered today. It's a cougar 2 and oh so pretty. Take a look:

This stroller is insanely expensive ($500 for the stroller, plus you have to buy accessory kits), but converts for jogging, biking, skiing, hiking, or just a regular stroller. Even just wheeling it out of the store with no kits on it (so no front wheels), it was super smooth and nice. The best part is that when I got to REI to pick it up (we had ordered online and had it shipped to the store), I saw a big sign that said all the Chariot stuff was 20% off!! So I asked about it and the clerk did a price adjustment for me, so the stroller was $400, and the jogging kit we had ordered was $48. They had the biking kit in the store, so I went ahead and got that ($40) and got a new jogging shirt for me ($4.50!!), fleece vest for Sierra ($6) and new Tevas for Sierra ($10...and she's up to a size 10 if you can believe that!!!!!!). I made it out of REI with a $58 CREDIT on my credit card. And here I was dreading picking it up, b/c I knew I was gonna go in the store and spent more money. For their labor day sale all the clearance stuff (price ending in .83) was an extra 50% off--there were some really good deals. Gonna check for what's online if I ever get both kiddos to sleep. Would like a long sleeve jogging shirt and another biking jersey and pair of biking shorts.

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