Monday, September 3, 2007

5 more hours!

Only five more hours until Josh comes home! The girls miss their daddy--well, Sierra does, I'm pretty sure Sedona would be happy with anyone who makes milk. He called today and Sierra immediately reached out for the phone and said, "I wanna talk to my daddy" awwwwwwww. I miss their daddy too (see the two parent system post below) but also miss my hubby! The queen-sized bed that's so tiny normally is awfully big when it's just Sedona and I there.

In other news...who else think's it's weird to hear Garth Brooks sing "More Than a Memory"? I mean, here's a guy who's been divorced and remarried (to Trisha Yearwood, no less) and he's singing a song all about still being in love with his ex. Umm...creepy! I think he even co-wrote the song (along with Lee Brice), but even if he didn't write any of it, it's still weird. And then there's Tim McGraw's song "I'm Already Home". I don't even have a hubby in the military and it makes me cry (mostly the part about not being there to see his little girl born). Stupid war. I know a few families who have delivered children while dad was in Iraq and I know motherhood is all about not knowing what you're capable of until you have to do it, but lord those women are strong to do the child rearing while dad is halfway around the world for months at a time and sometimes for multiple tours. I admit I've never supported the war with Iraq (and remember some heated debates back in 2002 when we were living in Utah), I'm much more of the "Support our Troops, Bring them Home" conviction. I've never understood why we are always talking about and sending troops to Iraq while bin laden (who started this whole thing) is still hiding out in Afghanistan. But then, that's just one of a whole slew of things that make us "idiot hippie liberals" in the middle of this very conversative town.

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Rachel said...

I heard that Tim McGraw song the other day and was crying driving down the highway. I always find it ridiculous when country music makes me cry!

I hope you are (or soon will be) enjoying your husband being home.

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