Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First one's free

You know you eat at Kolache Rolf's too much when you walk in and the lady (owner??) says, "you're running late today!" (I wasn't, by the way, the boss knew I'd be in later than normal). After I had Sierra, we had my mom pick up Kolaches for breakfast b/c Kolache Rolf's was close to the hospital. Our new house is close to one of the other locations, so after I had Sedona I told Josh I had to have Kolaches again and he went up there at 6am and bought one of everything and told them the whole home birth story. Then he and Sierra went in so often over the next few weeks that the lady got to know them. My first day back at work I stopped in and they asked to see "the baby" and I said, "my other daughter and husband are in here all the time" and they got all excited---"you're the home birth lady!!" So, yeah....pastries filled with cream cheese on a near daily basis probably isn't exactly the health food a WIC employee should be eating, huh?

Sierra's teacher set up a tour for the kids with the wildlife and fisheries department this afternoon. It was really cool--we got to tour an animal collection. I'm talking a warehouse FULL of animals that people have sent there over the last 150 years. So, lots and lots of dead, stuffed animals, but cool things like an emperor penguin and a jaguar and a vampire bat and the biggest snapping turtle I've ever seen in my life. Cool factoid of the day (you'd think I'd know this, but I didn't)--horned toads can shoot blood from their eyes.

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