Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Scary day for a friend

A friend of mine has been in the hospital all day with her 8 month old baby. According to the updates other people have been posting on the local mom's board, she was on the phone with the on call pediatrician all night because baby was having trouble breathing, very snotty, etc...Went to the pedi this morning and was immediately sent to the hospital. Hospital diagnosed croup and did four breathing treatments, but nothing was helping, so they flew the baby to a bigger hospital (in Temple). Mom went with her, dad had to drive. Apparently it is a very bad case of croup, but baby is fighting the breathing treatments and they aren't working as well as they should. They even talked about tracheotomy at some point :-( :-( :-( Please pray, light a candle, send healing thoughts or whatever it is you do. It breaks my heart to think of this sweet baby struggling to breathe and the worry her parents must be feeling.

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